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Logic Board Macbook Pro Repair

As the central nervous system of your MacBook, the logic board plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless operation. However, various factors like physical damage, age, overheating, and liquid spills can cause logic board problems, leading to a range of frustrating issues.

Common Symptoms of a Faulty Logic Board:

MacBook fails to turn on or shuts down unexpectedly:

This indicates a power-related issue, possibly due to a damaged component on the logic board.

MacBook doesn’t charge or run only on AC power:

This suggests a problem with the charging circuitry or battery management system on the logic board.

LCD backlight malfunctions but the image is visible:

This points to a backlight control issue, which could be caused by a faulty component on the logic board.

Erratic behaviour, including random freezes, crashes, or slow performance:

These issues could stem from damaged components or corrupted data pathways on the logic board.

Overactive fans running constantly at high speed:

This might indicate overheating or excessive power draw due to a faulty component on the logic board.

MacBook Logic Board Repair:

While logic board problems can be daunting, they are often fixable with expert repair services. Our team of skilled technicians has a proven track record of successfully restoring logic boards to optimal functionality.

Graphics Card Issues

Experiencing artefacts, screen freezing, overheating, no display, or tearing and flickering? Call now for expert MacBook repairs in Pakistan.

No Power Repair

Restore the power of your MacBook with our expert solutions. From dead batteries to faulty chargers, we diagnose and fix all no-power issues fast.

Startup Failures

Troubled by MacBook startup failures? MacBook fails to boot or gets stuck during the startup process. Contact us to boot up seamlessly every time.

Hardware Malfunctions

Causes of Hardware Malfunctions we repair like Physical Damage, Manufacturing Defects, sensitive components, System Crashes and abnormal Noises.

Boot Issues

We repair common boot issues like MacBook won’t turn on, Boot loop, Error messages during boot, corrupted system files and software conflicts.

Slow Performance

Common Causes of Slow Performance like slow boot time, delayed application response, outdated software, hardware limitations & storage issues.

Display Problems

We repair common display problems due to Logic Board Issues like Flickering or Flashing, Graphics Artifacts, No Display and distorted Images.

Overheating Issues

Need MacBook overheating repair? We offer expert cooling strategies and repairs to prevent overheating issues, ensuring your device runs smoothly.

USB Port Issues

USB port repair services, if it’s a loose connection, data transfer problems, or a damaged port, our experts diagnose and fix all USB port issues.

Battery Not Detected

MacBook battery not detected issues like Software Issues, Hardware Issues, Battery Connector, Logic Board Issues. Contact to fix your logic board issues.

BIOS/EFI Failures

BIOS/EFI failures on your MacBook? We repair symptoms like Boot Errors, Boot Loop, No Display, Hardware Detection Issues and sudden shutdowns.

Fan Issues

Fix Mac fan issues like overheating, erratic behaviour and noisy fans. To ensure optimal airflow, preventing overheating and system instability. 

Charging issue

It can arise due to various factors, ranging from faulty hardware to software glitches like Faulty Charging Cables or Adapters, Dirty Ports and faulty circuit.

Random Shutdowns

It interrupts your workflow and causes data loss, our certified team will fix this issue due to logic board issues, Malware attacks and overheating.

MacBook Logic Board Repair Lahore AppleForce Lahore

Having trouble with your MacBook Pro? If you’re experiencing issues like sudden shutdowns, unresponsive features, or strange glitches, it might be a problem with the motherboard, the core component of your MacBook Pro.

  • System crashes, freezes, or reboots
  • Performance slowdowns or unresponsiveness
  • Data corruption or disk errors
  • Abnormal noises from fans, drives, or other components
  • Visual anomalies (distorted graphics, screen artifacts, flickering)

At AppleForce PK, we understand how frustrating these problems can be, and we’re here to help. Our skilled technicians are experts at identifying and fixing these complex issues. Whether it’s caused by physical damage, overheating, or liquid spills, we have the tools and expertise to get your MacBook Pro back in working condition. 

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