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Surface Pro Battery Replacement

A Trusted Microsoft Surface Battery Replacement Centre in Lahore.

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Microsoft Surface Battery Replacement

Battery Draining Quickly

Behind the scenes, most Surface can run dozens of apps without us realizing it. Our certified team will fix this Surface Battery issue the same day.

Battery Not Charging

The Battery Status on your Surface device might say “Not Charging”, even if it’s connected to power. Our team will diagnoses and fix this issue.

Battery Expanding

This happens due to overcharging. Expansion causes no safety concern, it may make battery unusable. Call our certified team to fix this issue.

Battery Swelling Dangerous

Removing a swollen battery can be hazardous, but leaving a swollen battery inside a device also poses risks. Call our team immediately for better solution.

Battery Drain Overnight

If you experiencing overnight battery drain in surface and turns out to be due to any bug that continually wakes machine from sleep, feel free to contact us.

Battery Drain During Sleep

Different browsers consume different amounts of battery power while sleeping. Surface battery life at the rate of approximately 7-9% an hour. 

Poor Storage

Drain the battery completely at least once a month. charging computer in every time you use it prevents the electrons from getting proper movement.

Battery Dying fast

The brightest light bulbs consume more energy, the same is true for your screen’s lighting. In this case, you definitely need to fix your device ASAP.

Swollen Battery

 Laptops are lasting longer than ever, and as a result, batteries swelling from age and overuse are an increasingly common problem.

Battery Bulge

When you discover a bulging battery, unplug the device immediately and turn it off as soon as you can. Call our team, we will fix your issue.

Battery Power issues

Ensure that your Surface battery has power in it. Try to reboot your device or do a power cycle in this case, if devices won’t fix you can contact us.

Surface Pro Battery Expanding

This issue is usually in surface pro 4 which is not an officially disclosed issue we’re seeing happen too often on these devices. Call us to fix this issue.

Charging issue

Charging issue occur due to overuse or putting your device on charging every time. If the battery still won’t charge, contact us we will fix.

Battery Dead

The surface battery is completely drained and your device isn’t turning ON. In this case, you definitely need surface battery replacement.

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