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MacBook Water Damage Repair

A Trusted MacBook Water Damage Repair Center Near Lahore, Pakistan.

Macbook Water Damage Repair Appleforce

Water Damage MacBook Repair

A Trusted MacBook Water Damage Repair Center Near Lahore, Pakistan.

MacBook Water Damage?

If you have experienced a MacBook water damage incident, don’t panic! AppleForce PK is the best MacBook water damage repair service provider in Pakistan. We have a team of more than 14 years of experience and certified technicians who can diagnose and repair your MacBook quickly and efficiently.

Water Damage MacBook Repair Process:

The specific repair process will vary depending on the area of the water damage. However, in general, the repair process will involve the following steps:

  1. Disassembling the MacBook to access the internal components.
  2. Cleaning the internal components to remove any corrosion or residue caused by water.
  3. Repairing or replacing any damaged components.
  4. Reassembling the MacBook and testing it to ensure it is working properly.

Apple Parts Replacement:

In some cases, water damage may be too severe to repair. If the logic board or other critical components are damaged, it may be necessary to replace the MacBook parts. AppleForce PK can replace Apple Mac parts at a reasonable cost.

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Spilled Water on MacBook?

What to do if you spill water on your MacBook:

  • Turn off your MacBook immediately. This will help to prevent the water from short-circuiting the components.
  • Remove any external accessories, such as the charger and USB drives.
  • Dry the exterior of your MacBook with a soft, absorbent cloth. Do not use a hairdryer or other heat source, as this could damage the components.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

  • If you want to repair out-of-warranty MacBook contact AppleForce PK for quick repair. We are always available to repair your MacBook.
  • If your MacBook is not under warranty, or if you prefer to have it repaired by a third party, contact AppleForce PK. We will provide you with a free diagnostic and quote.

Our MacBook water damage repair services include:

  • Diagnosis: We will diagnose the extent of the water damage and determine the best course of action for repair.
  • Cleaning: We will clean the internal components of your MacBook to remove any corrosion or other damage.
  • Repair: We will repair any damaged components, such as the logic board or keyboard.
  • Testing: We will test your MacBook to ensure that it is working properly before returning it to you.

Water Damage Screen Replacement

For damaged screens due to water exposure, AppleForce PK provides expert screen replacement services, ensuring your MacBook looks like new.

No Sound after Water Damage

If your MacBook has lost sound functionality due to water exposure, AppleForce PK can diagnose and fix the issue, restoring your device’s audio capabilities.

Water Damage Touchpad Not Working

If your MacBook’s touchpad is unresponsive after water exposure, AppleForce PK offers effective solutions to restore its functionality.

Data Backup after Water Damage

Protect your precious data after water damage repair or replacement with AppleForce PK’s reliable data backup services.


Water Damage Repair Time

Experience efficient repair services with AppleForce PK, minimizing downtime and ensuring your water-damaged MacBook is back in your hands quickly.

Water Damage SSD Failure

Facing SSD failure due to water damage? Trust AppleForce PK’s expert technicians for swift diagnosis and seamless repair services.

Operating System Malfunctions

Water damage can interfere with the operating system, causing boot problems, software crashes, or erratic behaviour. Contact AppleForce PK.

Boot Issues after Water Damage

If your MacBook won’t start after water exposure, AppleForce PK offers solutions to help you boot up your device efficiently.

Water Damage Logic Board Repair

Our expert technicians for comprehensive logic board repairs, addressing water damage issues and ensuring your MacBook’s optimal performance.

Water Damage Not Charging

AppleForce PK specializes in resolving charging issues caused by water damage, ensuring your MacBook charges properly and stays powered up.

Water Damage Professional Repair

Choose AppleForce PK for professional and reliable MacBook water damage repair services by skilled technicians and advanced equipment for repair.

Water Damage Keyboard Issues

Malfunctioning keys post-water spill? AppleForce PK resolves keyboard issues caused by water damage. Our skilled technicians efficiently repair.

White Screen after Water Damage

Experiencing a white screen after water damage? AppleForce PK provides expert solutions, diagnosing issues and restoring your Mac display.

Battery issues after Water Damage

Water damage can harm your MacBook’s battery, leading to rapid discharging, overheating, and swelling. Trust AppleForce PK for precise repairs.

Water Damage MacBook Repair by AppleForce PK

Water Damage MacBook Repair Cost:

The cost of MacBook water damage repair or replacement will vary depending on the extent of the damage. However, you can expect to pay an estimated Macbook water damage repair cost anywhere from PKR 10k to 35k or more for repair or replacement.

Macbook Air Water Damage & Macbook Pro Water Damage:

Both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are susceptible to water damage, which can occur if they are exposed to liquid such as spilled drinks, rain, or accidental splashes. Water can cause corrosion, short circuits, and damage to delicate electronic components, leading to malfunctioning keys, trackpad issues, screen flickering, or even complete system failure.

Why choose AppleForce PK for your MacBook water damage repair?

Experienced & Certified Staff
We have been repairing MacBooks for over 14 years. Our technicians are certified to repair MacBook water damage.
Genuine Apple parts
We always use genuine Apple Parts for repair and replacement process.
Fast Repair/Replacement
We offer quick repair and replacement time for our customers without any delay.
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Customer satisfaction is our top priority so that we repair devices until customer satisfaction.