Battery for Macbook Air A2337 13″ (2020) – Replacement in Lahore

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Battery for Macbook Air A2337 13″ (2020) – Replacement in Lahore

Batteries are delicate items. MacBook manufacturers utilise various kinds of batteries for different models of MacBooks. Your mac battery term depends upon your mac device arrangement and how you’re using your device. This is the best MacBook repair company to fix mac devices in Lahore at reasonable prices. You can expect an ideal execution level, particularly as you were experiencing with your extraordinary Mac Battery. The Battery for Macbook Air A2337 will meet every one of the details so you can encounter a predictable presentation out of your MacBook.

This is the best quality PC Battery accessible on the market it will replace your faulty battery with the original battery. Assuming that you want another part or fix anything we are generally accessible in the event that any issues happen. We are providing FREE analysis with 90 days warranty for the new parts. Get a FREE QUOTE Now.

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SKU :MBS1836

Condition : Replacement, 100% Brand-New

Voltage: 11.39V

Capacity: 49.9Wh

Number of Cells : 3 Cells

Cell Type: Li-Polymer

Color : Black

Size : *mm (L x W x H)

P/N: A2389, 080-333-4000



A2389, A2337, EMC 3598, MGN63, MGN93, MGND3, MGN73, MGNA3, MGNE3.

MacBook Air 2020 M1 A2337 EMC 3598

MacBook Air 13-inch A2179 2020 Year

MacBook Air M1 8-Core A2337 EMC 3598

MacBook Air M1 8-Core 3.2G 8-Core GPU 13-inch

MacBook Air 13-inch A2179 SCISSor 2020

MacBook Air Core I7 1.2GHZ 13-inch(SCISSor 2020)


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